HOW Using CBD & Mushroom supplements can help running recovery & psychology

In this day 15 Road to Paris Olympics video, we’ll be talking about using CBD and other supplements to help running …


  1. I would like to try since I have struggle to have good sleep even if I stay a lot in bed (partially because my T1D and I need to pee often)….I have a limited budget: wich puresport products you suggest for better sleep?

  2. After this video, I've decided to give Puresport a try. It's a shame I couldn't use your coupon code here in Australia. I'll report back on how I feel after using it for a bit.

  3. I have high functioning autism and ADHD. I am giving mushroom supplements a try as well even though I should have continued using them after a few years back. I currently run a 15 min 5k but with good training and proper nutrition I can bring it down a min or 2. I’m also hoping to seeing you on the start line either in 2024 or 2028, if I make the Olympics.

  4. It's called Hormesis! Plants have the same thing called Xenohormesis (when a Kale leaf gets torn or it gets exposed to really any stress/ toxic substance which leads to the plant producing more of its defense mechanisms…which are good for us in small quantifies). I found I cannot consume more than 100-150 grams of spinach in a day because the oxalates/ whatever other defense mechanisms spinach has, tore up my insides.

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