Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil Review

My review of Lazarus Naturals 6000 mg CBD oil. Discount Code: CBDREVIEWLAB If you’re curious to learn a bit more about CBD …


  1. The lazarus naturals classic bottle has a green label in this video but when I go to their website it says the green label is mint chocolate. Did they stop making the regular?

  2. Hello, thank you very much for your channel, it is a great help for many people who suffer. Do you think that the intermittent and repetitive use of cbd oil makes you more sensitive to it? i mean in a good way

  3. You got yourself a new subscriber 😊 can you recommend me a Lazarus Naturals CBD oil that's good for Anxiety and stress please, i love CBD that has it's Original hemp earthy flavor

  4. I tried gummies and oils..full spectrum..and delta's. THE GOOOOODEST. IS FULL SPECTRUM """""""PLUS CBD""""" BODY CREAM. """""""""""" I'm trying lazuras naturals….6000 mg. For $ 100….that's a great buy. far!!!! Hope it works and I love ""it."…cause its so cheap.but hey I'm open to miracles.thanks for vid.go lazuras!

  5. Thanks for the review.. Ever since i had covid Jan. Of 2021 i never fully recovered. Headaches that make me feel like i have a concussion is the most debilitating symptom. Cant drive and even walking is hard. Have had it for 20 months now. Ive heard of cbd helping with inflammation/ pain hoping this will give me some relief and also helps with anxiety.. Just ordered this and got the new strawberry lemonade flavor. The discount code still works..!!

    I tried the Plant people mind body cbd. I liked it but i think i need a higher dose. Was taking 10mg twice a day. The first dose i felt it alot( my tolerance is very low for usually anything) after few days seemed like the effect wasnt as strong. I never was one to smoke weed. Rarely ever liked the high because id always get paranoid. Does this have similar effects? I saw it had 2mg of thc per serving..

  6. I’ve heard the darker the color the less pure. Independent lab testing shows over 2mg of THC per 1ml. The reason you feel so great is because you’re getting a little high mate lol. Not sure that’s really what we should be going for, we need products that we don’t have to rely on so much THC

  7. I'm a first timer. Just ordered Broad Spectrum oil from Sunrise CBD company based in Colorado could you review them? Also will order this one just to compare them(but in full spectrum). Curious if brands matter at all?

  8. Hi I wanted to ask what CBD has the powerful effect in terms of making someone even drowsy I suffer from anxiety and would really appreciate your help thanks and I don't mind in terms of price either as long as it's effective thanks

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