1. In my state it isn't legal and I never want it to be. Recent studies show the effect it has to a developing baby and unsafe driving. The tax money Colorado receives is money not used to properly take care of families. Tax funds come from spending wages. This promotion says a lot about you.

  2. Toronto policeman prohibited from using recreational marijuana within 28 days of reporting for duty. Imagine for a moment what happens to someone brains if ingested on a daily basis. Boy! The enemies of our country must be laughing hysterically as we slowly self destruct. Social media has really fooled everyone! So sad!😢

  3. I am 57 years old and have smoked marijuana everyday of my life since I was nine years old. My mother was feminist, divorced hippie and introduced me to pot. I stopped smoking entirely for 7 years and my late twenties early thirties but when I had to take really powerful drugs for 9 months i began smoking again to ease nausea, induce sleep, invigorate my appetite, diminish depression & calm anxiety. It felt so much better than all the pills they wanted me to take! I was so relieved when it became legal. I remember arguing with my mother about weed ever becoming legal when i was around 12.i told her one day "mom, pot will bee legal when I'm a grown-up". She laughed at me and said "NEVER! Marijuana will NEVER be legalized! I knew deep in my heart that I was right!

  4. Ashley marijuana use has been legal for medical patients longer than 10 years by Longshot and at this point in time we're in 2024 and your referencing 2012 for the legalization of recreational use which I have a problem with that because I was in California and had a medical marijuana card in 2008 and 2009 I did not renew it cuz nobody was pushing it..
    And if it was really illegal to the point of a criminal act then why wasn't anybody arresting me for it I was walking up and down the street sitting on the beach driving my vehicle smoking marijuana 24/7 no problems…
    I lived in Laguna Niguel Dana point areas…

  5. I use it to control seizures, and I find that when used properly it’s much better than many medications and has no side effects that the medication has. And I think it’s perfectly fine when used correctly just like alcohol

  6. Truthfully, I tell you everything they use responsibly will always be beneficial to your health and everyone else. It only becomes bad when you abuse it let me explain. I have an incredibly horrible chest pain. I felt like I broke three ribs. Let me say that again three ribs I was in excruciating pain And my nephew made a T using marijuana a recipe they have been passed down through the ages for extreme pain. I took that once that he was mixed with different ingredients. Three day later I was OK.

  7. It's all about the money and control.
    They know weed stimulates your mind and brings your consciousness closer to Creator. They need us asleep inside the matrix.
    Safely doing all the work while they ride on our backs. They have since the beginning.
    Didn't JP Morgan buy up all the land that the weed farmers ran and overtake the profits?
    Yeah. The best hemp resources & the best hemp oil lining his pockets even more.

  8. Marijuana illegal laws have been nothing but a EURO WHITE SUPREMACIST law to control MOTHER NATURE. They rather harmed the environment and other people in process for their hates and wars. Why even with all its beneficials. Latest one, Cannabis plants have been the only plant to revive the forest of Chenobol nuclear disasters in Ukraine. Evil world.
    Drug war against Cannabis has the USA waging wars in Latin America. That is the same war White supremacists like Nixon n Reagan gave us to destabilize the region. A war that is bringing lot of guns to the area. The result is what has caused the migration of refugees as immigrants at our borders.

  9. It's pretty messed up that it's been legalized to be honest. It's worse than nicotine cigarettes for health. If you have to legalize a dangerous drug for higher tax revenue that's pretty messed up. It means whoever is running things doesn't know what they're doing.

  10. I work production. My work uses a temp service to get workers. They test the people out to see if they will hire them. It's interesting to see the young ones come in. I've learned to tell the single ones who use marijuana frequently.They literally don't care if they are barely making it financially. They don't really care about keeping a job. They don't worry about anything. Have no motivation. It's such a waste of their years. I feel bad for them. Because one of these years they'll probably have a baby and realize that they need to care.

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