1. Anyone looking to grow good nugs please take my advice, HPS is and will always be the best. Led's are garbage unless they use at least 600watts of power, so what's the point. If heat is a problem, cool tubes are dirt cheap.

  2. 6 plants ain't gonna cut it if you're growing indoors, and it ain't gonna come close to that 12 grand
    Outdoors it'll be rough to grow big plants because of the high humidity around harvest time

  3. It’s called weed because it used to grow everywhere. And who is getting 12k from 6 plants? That’s definitely not enough. It takes 6 months or more for it to be ready for use IF everything goes right. It’s not easy to grow, it’s easier as you gain experience. If you’re lucky you can get up to 4-5 oz from one plant. 6 plants is not enough and at least should be 6 per growth cycle. Seedlings, vegetive, and flower.

    At NY prices of $200 plus an oz you would be lucky to get $5k from 6 plants. Political price hike to make it sound expensive. Like how they said it would cost $1m to build a public bathroom in NYC.

  4. When you people wake up and realize they're not rulers. Leaders or tyrants, and they can't tell us what to do because it's the government for the people. By the people , maybe you'll stop allowing the government to give you permissions and take it back

  5. Thanks for allowing us to grow a plant at home. Smdh fuck the OCM! It’s cronyism at its finest! I been doing it for almost 30 years. The state don’t have laws in my home

  6. These numbers are way off . Six plants is not enough to support most pot heads pot habits. Much less make a dent in what you would need to spend at the dispensaries to support a pot habits.

  7. they said everyone except the projects will be allowed to grow weed…so make sure the blacks are still breaking laws but everyone else we are working hard to let you be allowed to partake in this harmless substance…but watch the blacks so they dont benefit.

  8. And guess what's going to come next after growing weed at home vacant apartments because the landlords are not going to allow that in their leases their leases means those things got to go and that means people going to be without apartments lose your apartment by planting weeds and people going to call on you

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