Paul Murray predicts legalisation of cannabis is ‘about to happen’ in Australia

Sky News host Paul Murray predicts the legalisation of cannabis will happen in Australia “whether you like it or not”. “Not just …


  1. I smoked cannabis for more than 28 yrs I have insomnia, diabetes and chronic back pain.. I think it's amazing that hopefully my next lot of flowers or buds is coming from my dr and the chemist.. gotta get on board with it…

  2. I'm still surprised it is taking so long to legalise cannabis in the world. Obama pointed out that thc lozenges could downregulate tumour necrosis factor when the swine flu mutation was taking the lives of young people. One would have to assume that the dogmatism of Big Pharma dynamics overshadowed the people's sense of possible futures.

  3. Just returned from Thailand where you can legally purchase it at a food market or specialty store. It's fantastic. 2 pre rolled joints please -80 baht each ~$3.50 aud 😂
    Such a fantastic feeling of making the transaction out in public without fear of popo. I hope Australia gets it right

  4. the war on drugs during the Vietnam war era was because the army thought the vietcong would use weed to get all the soldiers stoned then defeat them in truth a much darker drug infested the army and that was opium hence why most servicement of the vietnam war came back strung and ended up dying of ods and the like, so war on the wrong drug. it wasnt weed that killed them, it was the politians and thier decisions. we need this legalised as it helps with ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Apetite, Pain and has some known attributes to fighting some cancers. let alone the fact that every part of the plant can be used from clothes to cars and even building materials. in the 1930s a article was made that showed 1000 uses for the plant from soaps to energy production..

  5. Unfortunately Victoria has Dicktator Dan standing against it & legalise Cannabis in Vic are Faux Labor so not going to use the leverage they have over government instead they will support everything he wants despite the community disappointment. Already given Dicktator Dan to put out private health records at risk of hacking & allowing vaccine companies for instance access for a fee. No opt out or in option because legalise Cannabis didn't support the amendment because Dan doesn't believe we deserve choice.

  6. It's embarrassing so many countries already have it legalised and we're still tossing up if we should or not. I lived in canada for 2 years, the only times I used weed was to substitute out alcohol because its just a nicer feeling during, and after. 🤷🏼‍♀️💨

  7. And towns and cities that have legalised cannibis in the usa, have shops open, generated so much money for the local economy it went to schools and roads and rebuilding the towns. We could be a big weed exportor and jobs in weed and hemp farming.

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