Protect your Cannabis Plants Against Grasshoppers & other Insects!

Unsurprisingly, this topic relates to those who grow cannabis plants outdoors. If you have a problem with grasshoppers indoors, …


  1. Grasshoppers are the least of your problems. Yes in higher numbers but, a very unlikely culprit. Spider mites and thrips are the most dangerous culprits in your cannabis garden and the hardest to kill. They are hard to spot or even see at all for that matter. What is easier to see is the damage they cause.
    Thrips and spider mites both such the leaves cells dry on the top surface of the leaves. The only difference is thrips eat and poop where they feed. So their damage to the leaves. Will look like tiny black specks of mold all over the leaves front surface. Under closer inspection when this appearance doesn't just wipe off. You have thrips and you can only spot them with a jewelers loupe or scope.
    Spider mites feed in the same way,although their damage will look like tiny white specks of mold or powdery mildew. But these specks will not wipe off. With a closer look under the leaves surface where they lay their eggs. You can find new borns and webbing.
    The thrips can be killed with chemical poisoning, but the spider mite can not. Infact you could empty can after can of chemical sprays until you suffocate, but the spider mite will keep on living. You can however mix up a insecticidal soap with some alcohol 91% or alternatively. Buy Green cleaner which is virtually the same thing and very expensive. Neem oil will work on thrips on the plants themselves. But the thrips lay their eggs in the soil. Predatory soil mites come in handy for this.
    Whatever your choice or killing method. You will want to rinse the leaves top to bottom 24hrs after each application. You should apply your killing method now and again in two weeks. The full life cycle of each tiny culprit is two weeks. This will ensure you kill everything.

  2. Telling people to encourage birds in their growing area is the dumbest idea for Pest Control I've ever heard because Birds no matter how many grasshoppers they eat, they bring in russet mites, broad mites and spider mites along with fungal spores on their feet and poop. You are literally asking nature to throw all sorts of random s*** at you when you invite Birds into your grow. Highly counterintuitive advice for controlling grasshoppers.
    What you mean to suggest is that they get some chickens. Not birdhouses, a chicken coop. Ffs

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