Re-scheduling & Legalization Update! Will any Federal Reform Impact the Presidential Election?

All you hear about in Washington DC on Federal Cannabis reform remains closer to gloom than doom, but far short of euphoria for …


  1. If you Libtards actually believe that marijuana is going to save Biden's presidency, you're crazy!
    The only thing that will statistically save Biden's administration is to get in a war. That would give him his best chance of reelection. Something Trump never did!
    Props to Morgan Fox, you're a Legend!!! 💯

  2. Weed won't be the only reason Biden is reelected but it should help. The alternative is an authoritarian who says he'll suspend the Constitution, and that alone should be enough to keep trump out of office.

  3. Promises and lies from Democrats and RINOs for 70 plus years, AND now you Give off a glow of hope. Get over it potheads. Put down the joint for a day open your eyes.. Democrats and Rinos will never legalize at federal level. They make to much money on it now. DEMOCRATS / RINOS HATE AMERICANS.

  4. Andrew Behringer at 5:40 said “rescheduling could allow Big Pharma to take over control in a way that limits the consumer’s access through dispensaries”.
    Unfortunately, I forgot about Big Pharma’s role in this whole issue.
    Of course the pharmaceutical companies want in on this cash cow.
    Everyone knows that the cannabis plant is able to REPLACE the need for many of the worthless pills that we’re fed throughout most of our lives.
    And that’s not good for the bottom line.

    All that to say- cannabis should absolutely be de-scheduled/ legalized altogether. But we should anticipate Big Pharma throwing lots of $$ at this and getting schedule 3, at best.

  5. What do you think? For Illegal grows bustem. Now arrest the grow and business location. Now establish a legal cannabis business on location, now the sentencing. Would Now Be an established apprentice program to hire the guilty to learn the legal cannabis business, or go to jail. Choice is for the ones without sentenced to encareration with learning and producing proper licensing or go straight to jail or choose a one year apprentiship sentence. My described program that i share here is with better answers for community outside of prisons or jails. Expunge and apprentiship is the best i know to solve the obvious. then All lessons learned are for much better communities that will be inevitably better for all…blessings…012024…m

  6. The president has so little to do with rescheduling drugs, to base your vote on that alone is absolutely ignorant. Only a complete dolt would fall for that. Vote for the person that isn’t going to make it impossible for you to afford weed because they shit on the economy harder than their diaper. I was buying ounces before, shit now I can’t afford gas to get to the plug, groceries for the munchies or the damn weed. We gotta do something about this sleepy old bitch. Vote him out!

  7. I’m not basing my vote for president on cannabis. Besides Didn’t Biden already promise this on his last election?
    “Seriously guys, I promise this time around I’ll do it”. Biden can shove his carrot where the sun don’t shine, look at all we’ve done state by state WITHOUT federal “help”.

  8. Anybody who is worried about Big Pharma need to watch Pharmacy Times interviewed Kris Krane, the
    director of cannabis development for KCSA
    Strategic Communications, and former
    President of 4Front Ventures. Just Google Pharmacy Times interview with Kris Krane. You will feel much better. Very informative.

  9. As a kid and up into my young adult life, the only thing that I cared about from a presidential candidate, was their stance on pot. Right now, going into 2024, we have too much to lose, so Federal legalization shouldn’t take precedence over illegal immigration issues and our funding of Israel’s GENOCIDE in Gaza. There’s enough states that have recreational and medical marijuana for now. We’ve had to wait a long time for it to happen, and we can wait a little more. Don’t sell your soul for Federally legal marijuana, and your college tuition being paid. Those two issues are being held out like a carrot to entice young voters into voting their literal freedom away. Show some integrity.

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