Sheriff’s Department connects illegal marijuana grow operation to gruesome murder in Mojave Desert

Authorities said they have arrested suspects in connection to the six people found dead in a remote area of the Mojave Desert in …


  1. If your daughter is being filmed by one of these type of people be careful. They been catching people involved in human trafficking because they use whats up app. Or if they wanna rob you.

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  3. Prop64 is a lie is a profit to tax the county that means more stops more police brutality and also they tax all businesses theres no trash… this problems been since years and year's

  4. Mind you this was over marijuana, in a state where it's legal for both medical and recreational use. How are people still dying over weed lmfao sad way to go out ngl especially for that 22 year old.

  5. Usualy you don't see this level of violence over weed. But illegal aliens will it's how they do things where their from . The prohibition if drugs is the reason we have major problems and overdoses. Don't create black markets if you wanna adresss a problem. Hiw many times they gonna see trying to force people doesn't work just makes everything worse for everybody. These guys home grown weed isn't a problem most dispensers sell illicit weed it's cheaper and no way to prove the weed is legal

  6. Illicit Marijuana? You mean not taxed weed? Why would the lack of taxes make it bad? Good for the people bad for greedy government. Who are they to impose taxes upon a plant without the peoples consent? The people have a right to grow their own medical plants without paying arbitrarily taxed. Who voted yes to this tax? Not the people

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