The De-wormer Ivermectin for Autoimmune Disease in Dogs and Cats?

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  1. I have been treating my allergies with Ivermectin. I took an allergy pill every single day for years. One winter, I had 6 trips to the doctor with sinus infections. I started taking Ivermectin (tiny dose once a month, increased to twice a month during peak times) and have not taken an allergy pill since. I also work with a guy who's wife seems to be having success with Ivermectin for her rheumatoid arthritis.

  2. Hello! Sorry for asking here about a different topic! Could you give advice regarding cat vaccines? Can I apply the same procedure you apply to puppies? Which essential vaccines do you recommend for cats? Thank you in advance!

  3. For those of you with herding breeds, who can't use ivermectin, there are a lot of plants out there — you may even be growing some in your yard, (or in your neighborhood!) that can be used instead. So if a pharmaceutical, prescription, or OTC is not appropriate or safe for your pet, don't give up. Learn about the medicinal plants growing around you. You may find something that works for your pet, or even yourself.

  4. Thanks for the info. I use the injectable ivermectin and give it by mouth to my dogs every month for heartworm prevention. I have several large dogs and cannot afford the stuff from the vet. But I found something interesting today. When all of this craziness started, I checked all of my animal medications and only had a 20 or so cc supply of the ivermectin left. So I decided to order some through Amazon and I ordered a 500 ml. bottle, thinking that this would get us through the next few years lol because they only take one cc per month per dog. I went ahead today and looked at the ivermectin on Amazon and there is no injectable. I saw the paste and a couple of other choices but I could not find the injectable. I am so glad that I went ahead and grabbed some when I was thinking about it a while back.

  5. Thank you. So many people are dumbed down because they worship the pharmaceutical industry who actually is now responsible for killing millions of people who are lab rats. We believe in holistic care only. It's obvious why no doctor wants to give prescriptions for ivermectin and other cheap meds. Thank you for your valuable knowledge!!!!

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