The Moon – The Mother Principle and Nutrition – Pt. 1 – The Science and Alchemy of Mineral Balancing

Welcome to the first part of my seven-part series where we discuss mineral balancing by analyzing the seven visible orbs of the …


  1. Have been going through a lot of strange debilitating symptoms since some years now that has made life just in survival mode, menopausal symptoms, adrenal symptoms, pots like symptoms, dizziness , pppd like symptoms, huge health anxiety, vision symptoms etc etc😢 between, love your videos. Thank you for doing this❤❤

  2. I find this all fascinating and happy to see you doing these series. On 2/3 I turned 56 and my oxidation on my recent hair test was mixed. My first HTMA was 7 years ago and for most of the prior 6 years I was in a mostly high calcium shell with very low thyroid and adrenal. It was crazy to see such a change on my recent hair test. I also went through a divorce and made other changes to drastically reduce my stress. I've been focusing on building muscle to protect my bones. This lecture is reinforcing the need to do so. I look forward to more videos!

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