The Science Of Synthetic Cannabis: How It Works And Its Side Effects

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  1. Hello all. Thank you for watching my livestream on Synthetic Cannabis. A big take away is to be careful using it if you or someone else you know is using this. There are numerous side effects. If you're new to the channel, please like, share and subscribe. If you want to donate something to the channel, my Cash App and PayPal information are in the description box below. Finally please consider joining the Big Words LLC newsletter.

  2. Oh, snap, you’re true Blue. Congrats on your success. I know a few who went through Michigan STEM programs. Gaining STEM degrees there are a fight from beginning to end. Great show!

  3. I didn't get to watch this but guys watch out. Synthetic weed has been linked to heart attacks and deaths. And there's alot of data on people having to go to the er because that stuff.

    Years ago doctors and hospitals were warning against it. Leave that stuff alone and do your research.

    Stay safe

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