THE SIMPLE MAN PODCAST EP. 62 w/ “The Bastard” Kieran Kichuk

Welcome back to the podcast, black belt Kieran “The Bastard” Kichuk! Insta Link: …


  1. You guys have done such a good job of making the fans feel like family. B-team is hands down the best all around jiu jitsu content out and it’s not close. From the podcast to merch, vlogs, and training videos, you guys are carrying the community.

  2. 20:36 – what do you think about getting ADCC trials competitors to fight at their walk around weight and submit weight + hydration samples at intervals of 4 weeks and 2 weeks before the comp?
    How can we expect to evolve beyond weight cutting as a sport if we don't get new competitors to fight at street weight?

  3. it was sage nortcutt that pulled out and the opponent was shinya Aoki. So Kade probably would have a good chance of winning the fight since he's bigger and it would be mostly a grappling match anyways against Aoki. He might be pretty spent once he has to face Langaker tho.

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