1. I will be so glad when the doors finally close on this nonsense, it’s still banned at the federal level, the only reason they did it is because sanctuary states thought errantly that they could displace legitimate business for leverage business that they let roll out of the state…

    They are game is going to boomerang back on their heads – it’s not banned at the federal level, therefore the visible and palpable understanding that accountability can be dropped at any given time and they would be helpless – there’s no 10th amendment protection for the foolishness…

    These hippies get what they deserve, they are openly violating the posterity clause and the domestic tranquility clause, putting the consequences of social distortion down the road for the momentary quickly disappearing rainbow of a quick respite from Financial shortfalls.


    Their whole world comes apart the mini constitutional attorney general steps in the office either at the state level or at the federal level which would then be their worst nightmare.

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