Tia Kemp Claims Rick Ross Sleeping With Gucci Mane Wife Keyshia Ka’Oir (NIGHT & DAY TALK MEDIA)

In this video, rapper Rick Ross Ex Tia Claims He Sleeping With Gucci Mane Wife Keyshia Ka’Oir. ZEOLITE ZE-TOX NATURAL …


  1. Do anybody know how to make a complaint about some of these commercials they be playing? I just saw one that really disturbed me. It was a woman playing with a condom filled with a white liquid talking about some pills that can make your member hard. And get a super erection. I came tonight and day network for enlightenment. We can't even curse or say certain words over here. Why they get to advertise stuff like that? Or is it some kind of sensor ship amongst themselves? Are they aware that your audience is a little older?. I know this is a long-ass comment but I ask a lot of questions. I'm just curious as to why it's okay for them to air that commercial before your show. I could have been a kid. I see your content as versatile enough to share with my children. I don't ever remember y'all getting down and dirty like that.

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