1. Really cuz I just watched another video one of your videos saying grandpas don’t like it because it’s too strong???? Sounds to me like you know nothing about weed and just want views

  2. The main thing is, weed back then wasnt so high-wired. Nowadays we have actual scientist trying to max out the thc level to the point where the weed isnt "natural". 70s people knew how to grow weed and cross strains, but they didnt have the ability to read into thc levels and crank them high while choosing which strains to cross. So the weed had a more neutral THC/CBD balance, including the other cannabioids cannabis contains. High thc + low, almost non existent cbd =schizo. High cbd + low thc=did i smoke something? Thankfully there are strains with a good balance for people like me who cannot smoke the pure thc stuff anymore.

  3. Lol you should listen to voices of experience. We old people have smoke good stuff back in the day and today. we know what we are talking about,so sit your young ass down and be quiet cause you don't know. Anyone remember being "comatose" after burning one?

  4. It didn’t only contain 1-3%. The weed they tested was over a year old. Which lost its potency. It was not as potent as today but it was still around 10% or higher. What colleges would do is receive marijuana for the police that was seized YEARS AGO and test its potency. This is obviously not going to give you accurate results. These colleges have been keep track of cannabis THC levels since the 40s. Yes it was higher in CBD. That’s a fact. We have breed out majority of the CBD in weed today. However, as I said, the THC was still around 10%-15% which is actually good. I would also like to point out that SHIPPING methods to get weed into the country may have altered the THC percentage as well. But not so much that it was only 1% bro. People need to actually research this topic.

  5. Weed from the seventies was basically old Mexican weed, the trouble with the Mexican weed was, the strength of the weed was always different, one time you might get some really good shit, the next time you could get dirt weed. If you were lucky you might of had some Acapulco Gold, Columbian, Jamaican, etc.

  6. There's only two strains that are smoked


    They had lower THC content because they weren't cured/grown properly.

    It was only once the growers started getting their green thumbs and experimenting with hybrids etc, that weed grew to have high amounts of THC

  7. It's not that simple.
    Weed didn't change much. Take any potent modern day weed and plant in in a field somewhere and take minimal care of it. You will see it will be about 5% THC….

    Cultivation methods is what changed. Not the plant. They had sinsimila that was fire back in the day too…

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